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Have you recently experienced a throbbing toothache and every fiber of your being are telling you to see your dentist, but you keep on delaying due to the fear of COVID? Well, you can rest assured and make your appointment today because almost every dental office around you has made special arrangements to make their clinic safe and COVID-free.

Is it safe to go to the dentist is a question everyone is asking nowadays since our teeth need professional help to maintain their health, and today we answer that very question to put all your minds at ease. Provided that you take every precaution that medical professionals have recommended for protection against COVID, you have nothing to fear. Schedule an appointment today and let the dentist give you the much-needed oral treatment!

Oral Health is Just as Important

People don’t realize that ensuring your oral health is just as essential as healthcare for other parts of our bodies, so they neglect it until the problem gets severe and out of hand. When COVID infiltrated our lives and put us all in lockdown, everyone became nervous about visiting medical facilities, dentists being at the top of the list. The ADA, American Dental Association even released a notification that recommended dental clinics remain closed and open only for emergencies. This was until the case numbers declined.

However, all such rules and restrictions have gradually faded since the medical professionals worldwide have gained better control over COVID and introduced ways that people and facilities can use to protect themselves. Now that we know everything there is to know about COVID, including how the virus transmits and spreads from person to person, most dental offices feel confident enough to open up their services once again.

If your dental health demands that you visit your dentist immediately, then that’s what you should be doing. Covid-19 is no longer a valid reason to put off your medical examinations and treatments. It’s a good idea to call your dental office before making an appointment and ask them what precautions you need to take to insure your and others’ safety during your visit.

The Numbers Say It’s Safe to Visit

When words aren’t enough, we can always rely on numbers. ADA has released a study that reported less than 1% of dentists had conceived Covid-19. Since the dentists spend a good chunk of their day in their clinics dealing with patients, it’s safe to say that if Covid-19 were a problem for dental offices, they would test positive. Yet they aren’t! This is surprising and reassuring to many people because many professionals expected the rate to be far higher than the actual one.

But why are we surprised at all? Even before COVID, dentists have always practiced the highest hygiene practices. Wearing face masks, gloves, and protective eye gear has always been part of their uniform. After COVID, they introduced more stress on sanitation procedures, but dental offices have always been germ-free.

Why Seeing a Dentist is so Important Despite COVID

Ideally, we all visit our dentists twice a year to get a complete oral examination and required teeth cleaning. Unfortunately, many people are still hesitant about scheduling an appointment with their dentists despite experiencing dental issues. The symptoms might be tolerable and manageable for now, but soon the problem will persist and grow to the point your dental health will take a severe hit.

You only get adult teeth once, and all the solutions the dentists and modern technology offer are still not on par with natural teeth. Dentists aren’t just good for cleaning tartar and plaque from your teeth; they ensure your oral health and functionality so that you can continue to smile beautifully, enjoy your food, and speak properly. During your dental examinations, dentists check for any signs of oral cancer, cavities, gum recessions, bite issues, and other severe dental problems so that they can be caught and treated in their early stages.

Dentists commonly come across tooth decay and gum disease when examining their patients; both are easily manageable oral issues if caught in time. However, if they get discovered in their late stages, it can lead to permanent tooth loss and other severe consequences. But that’s not it! Did you know that these dental problems can also land you in a hospital? You heard it right. Oral medical problems can prove fatal to your overall health. They can cause infection and spread to other parts of your body if left untreated for too long. Gum disease alone can cause heart and lung infections. This is because whatever is in your mouth will be swallowed down into your stomach and can reach all parts of your body.

To answer the question correctly, it’s not a good idea to visit your dentist regularly during Covid-19; it is necessary. Your beautiful smile deserves the best protection.

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