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Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal therapy dentistry Greeley

Advanced Periodontal Dentistry

Patients who want to protect their beautiful smile from gum disease and infection can do so with periodontal therapy Greeley provided by Elite Dental Center in Colorado. Bleeding, swollen, or sensitive gums are strong indicators that the patient might be facing a periodontal disease, which must be addressed quickly. These types of gum disease are degenerative conditions mainly caused by bacteria found in plaque. The gums are infected and inflamed by the bacteria. If this condition is left untreated for too long, the gums will slowly pull away from the tooth. Periodontal diseases left untreated can lead to bone and tooth loss and gum tissue recession.

If you have been experiencing red, swollen gums, which bleed easily, there’s a chance you might be suffering from periodontal disease. Loose teeth, persistent bad breath, painful chewing, and receding gum are some of the other common symptoms of this disease. Our dental specialists can determine whether you have gum disease or not by examine your teeth and recommend you the appropriate treatment accurately.

If your gums are swollen, red or tender, or if your gums bleed easily, you may have periodontal disease. Other common symptoms of gum disease include loose teeth, painful chewing, persistent bad breath and receding gums that make your teeth appear longer than normal. Following an exam at our Greeley dental office, our dentists and team will be able to determine whether you suffer from periodontal disease.

We provide custom-dental treatments to each patient due to their specific needs and requirements. Depending on the severity of the disease, our dentists may have to advise additional treatments to ensure that the issue is entirely resolved and poses no threat to your dental health any longer. We always strive to deliver the best dental care to all our patients and provide them with a pleasant and satisfying experience. If you wish to learn more about what can be done to save your beautiful smile from periodontal diseases, please call us at 970-660-0925 or visit us at Elite Dental Center. We assure you that you will be incapable hands in our clinic. Our periodontal therapy dentistry and well-trained staff members can’t wait to meet you in person and help restore your dental health!

What is Periodontal Therapy?

Periodontal therapy dentistry consists of all the dental treatments that professionals use to restore the tissues that constantly support your gums, teeth, and bone in your mouth. They fight against tooth loss and prevent any type of loosening from happening.

What Is Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy?

The non-surgical procedures of periodontal therapy Greeley are what their name suggests, dental treatments that don’t require surgeries. This treatment requires cleaning with root planning and scaling. A precise cleaning procedure that targets the root surfaces to kill and clean the plaque and tartar from the deep periodontal pockets.