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Nitrous Oxide


We at Elite Dental Center have made it our priority to ensure every patient that enters our clinic has a pleasant and comfortable experience while receiving the required dental treatments. And to serve that purpose, Experts at our dental office  use nitrous oxide, which allows patients of every age to feel calm and comfortable before the dental treatment. Have you ever felt scared or anxious before your visit to the dentist? Don’t worry! All your worries will be addressed once you come to Elite Dental Center. We use a smooth sedating agent, a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen that is inhaled through the nose using a mask during the treatment. Breathing in nitrous oxide is no different than inhaling oxygen; you will experience yourself getting more relaxed and feeling a euphoric sensation throughout your body. Soon, your mind will calm down and reach the perfect state for the treatment to begin. There are no side effects of using this sedation agent, and it does not damage the patient’s health in any way. Once the effects wear off, you will be legally able to drive back home yourself.

Being scared or nervous about receiving dental treatments is nothing to be ashamed about. Elite Dental Center uses nitrous oxide to properly facilitate people who suffer from dental phobia or anxiety, which is the perfect solution to sedate people and calm them down. The treatment will be provided to them before they even know it! If you feel highly anxious about coming down to our clinic and receiving the dental treatment you need, we advise you to choose the nitrous oxide option.

If you have anything that is worrying or bothering you or need some questions to be answered before you feel comfortable enough for the treatment, please, by all means, give us a call at 970-660-0925. Our representatives will be more than happy to answer you.