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Kids’ Dentistry

Dentistry for Kid's In Greeley

bEST Dentistry For Kid’s

Patients of all ages are welcome in our clinic, but Elite Dental Center has a special place for children! We love having children over and have created a separate section for them! We have done this because kids tend to feel more comfortable when around other patients who are their age. Kids can have all the fun they want while the adults get peace and quiet. We have a dedicated section hosting best dentistry for kids with professional pediatric dentists who know how to handle children in a friendly manner and ensure that your child’s dental health is maintained properly.

The experts at Elite Dental Center highly recommend that all parents bring their children to our clinic once every 6 months for a regular dental inspection and cleaning so that any problem with their dental health can be caught and treated at an early age. You have nothing to worry about because all of our staff members know how to care for children in a friendly and gentle manner. Your kids are in extremely good and safe hands with our kids dentistry Greeley. We understand that it is important for dentists and nurses to build a positive relationship with children before treating them so that they feel comfortable and safe. Every staff member working at Elite Dental Center has a friendly and caring nature and is dedicated to handling children gently.


Kids’ first pediatric dentistry is very important, so you should always choose the best one around you. If you have any questions about the kid’s dental treatments at Elite Dental Center, then feel free to call us at 970-660-0925, and we will answer every question that you have. You can also schedule an appointment with one of our doctors and firsthand experience our friendliness and gentle nature. When it comes to providing dental treatment to children, Elite Dental Center in Greeley, Colorado, will be the best choice.

What age should a child be able to brush on his or her own?

There are no definite answers to this question because children develop at their unique pace. Some develop their skills faster than others and thus can learn to brush on their own earlier. But the average age by which your child should be able to brush on their own is six.

What does it look like when kids don't brush their teeth?

If your children don’t brush their teeth regularly, there is a high chance their oral health will be inflicted by tooth decay. Poor dental hygiene will make it difficult for them to chew their food and make the digestion process improper, leading to even more health issues. Remember, they might shed their teeth once, but they can’t change their gums.