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General & Family Dentistry

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General Dentistry In Greeley

Whenever the need arises, and you or your family member needs immediate dental health care services, then no option is better than coming down to Elite Dental Center and getting the required professional oral treatment. Simply call us at 970-660-0925 and schedule an appointment.

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What is General Dentistry

With Greeley Family Dentistry, you can expect to receive a complete package of dental healthcare, which will cover every aspect of your oral health needs and requirements. General Dentistry Greeley offers the patients dental diagnosis, treats, and cures their dental problems, provides professional gum care, root canals, crowns, veneers, fillings, restoration, and preventive education. General family dentistry Greeley is the perfect solution for all your dental needs and treatments. We are the best in Greeley general dentistry.

Elite Dental Center consists of numerous advanced dental treatments to provide our patients with the oral healthcare they deserve and maximize patient satisfaction. Every patient and their case is of equal importance to us, and we assure you that our exceptionally skilled dentists and staff members will treat them with professionalism. At Elite Dental Center, we always go the extra mile to make sure our treatments meet all your needs and requirements and that you leave our clinic with a vibrant and beautiful smile.

It is a general practice of dentists to recommend and encourage all their patients to visit the clinic at least once every six months. These routine checkups allow our dentists to examine your teeth at the appropriate intervals and ensure that your dental hygiene and health check out. Of course, if the need arises, the patient will be asked to visit us more often as per the requirement. If you notice pain, extreme sensitivity, or damage to your teeth, we strongly advise you to contact us immediately and reserve an appointment before things escalate further. If you want to learn more about our practices at Elite Dental Center, you are more than welcome to give us a call or visit us at our clinic.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Can a general dentist pull wisdom teeth?

Yes, a general dentist is very much capable of removing wisdom teeth from your gums safely. The main difference between a general dentist and an oral surgeon is that the latter uses IV sedation for the process. Need a general dentist in Greeley, then visit us.

Can a general dentist perform an extraction?

Dentists, in general dentistry, can easily extract any tooth causing problems in your mouth. They can perform simple extractions as well as complicated ones. Looking for general dentistry Greeley, then try Elite Dental Center.