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What exactly is a dental bridge?

Dental Bridges are the oral treatment dentist suggests when the patient is missing one or more teeth. It is most often used to fill a gap using false teeth. A dental bridge comprises dental crowns used for both sides of the missing teeth that support the pontic and are cemented in place.


How long will my bridge last?

In most scenarios, a dental bridge can last between 5-15 years. People who take good care of their dental bridge and regularly maintain their oral hygiene will get the maximum benefit of its lifespan. Those who neglect its maintenance will need to get it changed or replaced only after a few years of use.


Is getting a dental bridge painful?

The procedure of installing a dental bridge into the patient’s mouth is completely painless because the dentists use local anesthesia to numb out the area missing the teeth. In almost every case, it is unnecessary to take any pain killer to deal with the pain after receiving the treatment.


How long does it take for a dental bridge to feel normal?

It’s completely normal to feel slightly uncomfortable with your newly installed dental bridge. Patients, on average, take about two weeks’ time to get fully adjusted to how they feel and function inside their mouths. Patients should keep away from hot and cold beverages and foods as they can damage the treatment’s effectiveness and cause pain. Remember to use toothpaste designed specifically for sensitive teeth.


What to expect after getting a bridge?

You can expect a few weeks of discomfort as you get adjusted to how it feels to chew and speak with a dental bridge in your mouth. After that, everything will go back to normal.


Can you chew food with a dental bridge?

Typically, it is easy to chew your food with a dental bridge, especially if you chose the dental bridge treatment that cannot be removed from your mouth. This sealed bridge supports the surrounding teeth, connected to the fake tooth.


With a fixed dental bridge, you can chew, spit, swallow, lick, and sip.

People who get the fixed dental bridge will find it far easier to chew their food, swallow their drinks, and speak their language than those who choose dental treatments that are removable.


Can anyone have dental bridges placed in their mouth?

No, not everyone qualifies to receive the dental bridge treatment, even if they lack one or more teeth. People who can choose to get this treatment need to have healthy teeth on both sides of the missing ones so that they can act as support and anchor to the bridge.


Are there different types of dental bridges available?

Yes, there are four types of dental bridges available to choose from; each one is most suitable to the patient according to their preference and medical situation.


Can I take my dental bridge out during the day?

A dental bridge is a permanent type of dental treatment since the professionals cement the artificial device to the surrounding teeth. Meaning the patient cannot take them out at any point unless they need to get them replaced.


When is a dental bridge an appropriate replacement solution?

The dentists mostly recommend this type of oral solution when the patient is missing one or more teeth and their surrounding teeth are healthy enough to anchor the artificial teeth in place.


Is the dental bridge placement process invasive?

No, the dental bridge is not an invasive oral procedure that’s usually completed in a few visits to your dentist. When compared to many other dental implant procedures, a lot of patients consider dental bridges to be a comfortable experience and perfect for people who are looking for a simple and reliable teeth replacement treatment.


Are there alternative solutions to a dental bridge?

If patients don’t want the dental bridge option, they can choose the resin-bonded bridge where the professional attaches the false tooth/teeth with resin next to the surrounding teeth for support.


What are the pros and cons of a dental bridge?


  • The best and most convenient advantage of a dental bridge is that it doesn’t require any dental surgery.
  • Patients who are tight on the budget will find dental bridges to be a cost-effective solution since it is cheaper than dental implants.
  • The treatment experience of the dental bridge is far more secure and superior to dentures in every way.
  • Also, the dental bridge looks more natural and feels more real than dentures.


  • Traditional and cantilever bridges require a minor alteration made to the surrounding healthy teeth.
  • Dental bridges do not help reduce or stop the bone loss that occurs because of the missing teeth.
  • Dental implants last far longer than dental bridges, making them more cost-effective in the long run.


How can I care for my dental bridge in the long term?

Brushing your real and fake teeth daily is one of the most effective ways to ensure their longevity. You should use a soft-bristle toothbrush to clean your dental restoration solution to prevent the accumulation of tartar and plaque around it.


What Can I Expect from Implant-Supported Bridge Costs?

The average price range of implant-supported bridges ranges from $4,000 to $16,000. The exact cost depends on multiple factors but will still be well within the range mentioned.

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