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The primary reason why so many children experience dental issues is that parents teach how to brush their teeth but not why they should be doing it in the first place. Without properly understanding why they need to brush their teeth daily, kids will not be able to follow these instructions, and children’s dental health will suffer. As a result, children with damaged dental health fill dental offices. Cavities, tooth decay, and many other severe oral issues can be observed in our children at alarming rates. So, what can we do to get better control of this situation and protect the dental health of our children from deteriorating? Simple, teach them the importance of brushing daily, make them understand the severe consequences of ignoring this oral practice, and tell them why we needed a Gum Care Month to make people aware of the danger of gum disease. 

Best Tips to Help Kids Practice Good Dental Habits

According to the State of Little Teeth Report by AAPD, almost one in every five children under the age of five has or is experiencing dental issues like cavities and tooth decay. Despite the statistics being too high, this situation can easily be controlled and fixed. 

  • If your child is taught good dental habits and is taken to the dentist at least twice a year from the age of 1, they can easily maintain their teeth and overall oral health. 
  • To introduce a new habit into your children’s daily routine, repetition with consistency is key. If it’s done daily at the same time from an early age, they will soon pick it up and your children’s dental health will be safe.
  • Wipe the infant’s gums with a clean, soft cloth at least once a day, even before their teeth break through the gums. When the teeth are out, start to brush them daily using a small, soft-bristled brush. Now that their teeth are exposed, it’s time to take them to the dentist.  
  • Parents should always supervise the daily toothbrushing sessions for all children under the age of six and check the amount of toothpaste they use. Dentists allow only a pea-sized amount of it for children. 
  • It’s a good idea to show them that it’s important to brush around the gumline to keep their gums clean and healthy. 
  • Don’t introduce flossing to them before the children have mastered brushing and are doing it daily. Allow them to focus and learn one thing at a time to ensure maximum benefits. 
  • Children are best known to observe and copy the adults around them. If the parents give importance to their oral hygiene, the kids will do the same. Become a good model by brushing your teeth twice a day and try to do it in front of your children as much as possible. 
  • The toothpaste you and your children will use is just as important. Fluoride is good for the teeth, so buy toothpaste that contains this ingredient. 

Encouraging Your Kids to Adopt Good Dental Health Habits

If you think that your family is still struggling with implementing good oral habits into their daily routines, then we have just the tips. All children need is a little bit of encouragement and motivation, and they will start brushing their teeth twice a day in no time. Even adults at times need some motivation to get things going; these are just children!

  • When it’s time to pick out their toothbrush, let the children pick for themselves. Just make sure what they pick is intended for kids and not adults. Do the same with their toothpaste. When they get to pick themselves, children are more likely to commit to the practice. 
  • Introduce a reward system. Use a star chart or any other similar reward system to motivate your kids to brush their teeth in the morning and night. It’s not good to give them sugary treats and candies as rewards. 
  • Children always take stories very seriously. Make up an incredible adventure where the hero, a toothbrush, fights off the germs and bacteria plaguing our mouths to protect us from disease and infections. Make the hero as likable as you can so that kids will want to follow him. 
  • Brush as family. Making brushing a family activity is another great way to motivate your kids to pick up on this habit. 
  • Make it a competition between your kids. The one who brushes their teeth most regularly will earn a reward.

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