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Dentures in Greeley – Overcome Your Smile Flaws


Using dentures is a great way to replace your missing teeth, rebuild and maintain your oral health, and look and feel fairly young once again! Nowadays, there are numerous natural-looking and comfortable dentures in Greeley available for patients to choose from, and we, have all of them! Dentures are created using a custom design that perfectly meets your teeth’ structure and color so that your smile can look as natural as possible. Patients who have more than one tooth missing should opt for the professional and quality full denture treatments our expert dental specialists provide.

Before deciding to get yourself dentures, do know that this process may take a few months and numerous visits to our dental office. Depending on your situation, same-day dentures are also possible. If you qualify for the same-day dentures treatment, the dentures will be custom made right in the office, and you will receive the treatment in one sitting! However, if your dentures require a lot of specific customizations, you will have to visit us more often.

After receiving your dentures, do not neglect their maintenance. Just like you maintain your teeth, they also require proper cleaning and daily maintenance to ensure their longevity. If they are appropriately used, they can last you about 5-7 years. If you have any more questions regarding this treatment, then feel free to call us at (970) 660-0925. If you want to speak to our professionals in person, you are most welcome to visit us at Elite Dental Center, Greeley, Colorado. 

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