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High-Tech Sterilization

Dental Instrument Sterilization

Dental Instrument Sterilization

When it comes to safety, Elite Dental Center never compromises with other things. The safety of our professional doctors, staff members, and patients is of utmost priority, and to serve this purpose, we use the most efficient sterilization technology to keep our dental equipment clean. Our clinic strictly follows the detailed and extensive infection control guidelines by the OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration], EPA [Environmental Protection Agency], and CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] for dental instrument sterilization. Our dental center always goes the extra mile when it comes to the safety of everyone present in the dental office due to our firm dedication to protecting the health of the patients and our team.

These infection control and safety measures include:

  • Eye protection for patients and team members
  • Disinfectant hand soap
  • Gloves and face masks
  • Chemical disinfection of countertops and surfaces
  • Sterilization of all equipment before every use

After each use, every piece of dental equipment is sterilized adequately by our team, including the hand pieces. They use an autoclave, an advanced device that kills bacteria, viruses, and other diseases through steam, pressure, and heat. And wherever possible, we use disposable materials and products to kill off our patients’ chances of getting infected completely.

What matters to us the most is that our patients receive their dental treatments comfortably in an environment that poses no threat to their health and well-being. We understand that the sterilization of dental instruments is very important and so we ensure that it is done properly. We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have regarding our sterilizing and infection control process. Please call us at 970-660-0925 to know more about Elite Dental Center. If you wish to meet one of our specialists, you can schedule an appointment. We look forward to greeting you in person.

Sterilization Of Dental Instruments