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It is very common among patients to worry about the dental implant procedure since it is a permanent solution that they cannot remove at will. Once the dentists perform the dental surgery, these implants will stay there for at least 15-20 years. This treatment can even last a lifetime if the patient cares for it and follows the proper cleaning practice to maintain it daily. Dental implants feel just like natural teeth and they are not visible to the naked eye. Many patients choose this treatment over others like dental bridges because bridges can only last 5-10 years, whereas implants can easily last about +30 years. This oral procedure is one of the best solutions for replacing missing teeth, as there is no fear of the implants falling off or getting loose and losing their function. They stay in place and allow the person to enjoy even the chewiest meals. Since they appear so natural, Greeley dental implants also bring back the confidence that the patient lost to smile in public places. The onset of bone loss around implants – typically after 10+ years – doesn’t affect their longevity because the implant can be replaced with a new one at any time at no extra cost to the patient.

Dental bridge vs. Dental Implant

A dental bridge is a fixed tooth replacement that comprises one or more artificial teeth attached to two dental crowns. A dental implant is a prosthetic device used as a support for natural teeth. The dentist surgically installs it in the gums that lost the natural teeth using the surrounding healthy teeth as anchors. Dental bridges must be cemented on top of a dental implant to serve as a replacement tooth. They are a dental restorative treatment used to fill the gap left by one or more missing teeth. A bridge is created by placing a false tooth on either side of the gap, with matching crowns securing them in place. The process usually takes two appointments: one to prepare the teeth and another to place the bridge. The implant only has the same life span as natural teeth and bone cells. As the implants are placed in the jaw, they connect with bone cells, and cement is used to stabilize them. The cement comes out of the end of the device and attaches to the bone continuously over time as it slowly dissolves. The bio-based material is in a form that allows for rapid diffusion into connective tissue and then it just kind of melts away slowly as it fills up the hole in the bone and heals it entirely.

The Downsides of Dental Implants

People considering opting for dental implants to cover the gaps left by their missing tooth or teeth should know that there are also downsides to this treatment. The biggest con of the procedure is that it might damage the healthy teeth needed to anchor the implants in place. There is also a risk of infection, bone damage, severe bleeding, and even the jaw rejecting the dental implants because of the eating and smoking habits of the patient. Not to forget that dental implants cost ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 and not every insurance covers the expenses. Even if you get the insurance coverage, the cost of the CT scans, X-rays, and other similar consultation processes will need to be paid by you.

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