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Dental Bridges In Greeley

Dental Bridges In Greeley

Dental Bridges

Dentists have been using dental bridges for a long time to replace the missing teeth of their patients so that they can confidently smile once again. Even today, this treatment is considered practical thanks to the durability and cost-effectiveness it provides and is very popular for bridging the gap between missing teeth. Elite Dental Center provides dental bridges that peak in quality and will last you a long time at a highly affordable price.

The treatment consists of a replacement tooth and two anchoring teeth, between which the bridge is placed. It helps the surrounding teeth from going out of position, improves the person’s chewing and speaking. It also helps the person maintain the natural shape of their jaw.

understanding the types of Dental Bridges

At our dental office, patients can choose from the four main types of dental bridge treatments we offer. Traditional dental bridges, cantilever dental bridges, Maryland dental bridges, and Implant-Supported dental bridges.

1) Traditional dental bridges have dental crowns or implants on both sides of the 0 missing tooth, and a structure holds a replacement in place, which is called a dental abutment. With this, the crowns provide the needed points for anchor, while the artificial tooth/teeth fit in between.

2) Cantilever dental bridges are for those cases where the surrounding teeth have only one side of the tooth that is missing. We do not advise this dental treatment to patients who have a problem at the very back of their mouth, since it will put too much strain on a single tooth.

3) We recommend Maryland dental bridges to patients looking for a specialized resin to be cemented to a metal framework and then cemented to the enamel of the teeth surrounding the area of interest. This procedure allows us to eliminate the need for any modification of the surrounding teeth.

4) Implant-supported dental bridges differ from the other three treatment options because this procedure requires professional surgery. Using dental implants, the dentist will install the bridges inside the mouth without needing any support or anchor from the surrounding teeth.

If you have any further questions regarding dental bridges, please feel free to contact us at 970-660-0925 and get all the professional answers you are looking for to make an informed decision. If you want to meet us face to face, then you can also schedule an appointment and visit us at Elite Dental Center in Greeley, Colorado.

Types Of Dental Bridges
Dental Bridges