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Although tooth enamel is the hardest tissue present in the human body, chipping your tooth is common, and many people experience this dental emergency. Whether it’s a chipped front tooth that everyone can see or the one in the back that isn’t visible if you chipped it, you need to immediately visit your dentist since leaving it untreated could lead to much bigger and more severe oral health issues. Nothing to worry though, because your dentist will have the perfect chipped tooth treatment waiting for you to deal with your situation. 

What Are The Treatments For Chipped Tooth

First, you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist. When you visit the dental office, the dentist will examine and fix your chipped tooth to determine the damage level and the most appropriate treatment to match it. Here are a few of the treatments that your dentist can qualify you for:

Dental Filling or Bonding

An effective chipped tooth repair treatment is when the crack is present only on the white surface of your tooth, all that is needed is a quick stroke of polish to smooth the rough edges. However, if the chip is a little bit more serious but still in the minor category, the best way to deal with it and restore your tooth is to apply bonding or dental filling. For bonding treatment, the dentist will etch your tooth’s surface using a liquid or gel-like material that helps the resin bond with the tooth, secured to it using adhesive materials. Then, the dentist will shape the resin to match the tooth’s natural shape.

Don’t Let Chipped Tooth Ruin Your Smile

Veneers to Hide the Defects

A dental veneer is like a false nail to your fingernail. A thin porcelain laminate or composite made from resin covers your tooth’s chipped part. Don’t worry, the tooth that got chipped will look completely natural thanks to this treatment.

Cover Your Flaws With Dental Crown

A tooth-shaped dental cap covers the entire tooth when the damage done to the tooth is pretty severe and not just a minor chip. Dentists make crowns using resin or porcelain that will resemble the shape and color of your natural teeth. This procedure can take a couple of visits to get the perfect measurements of the dental crown. The chipped tooth needs an examination before the dentist can grind away the part of it to prepare the tooth to receive the dental crown. Then, an impression will be made so that the crown will match the damaged tooth to maintain functionality and avoid over-biting. Then, using the impression, a dental crown will be created to fit over the damaged tooth and restore it completely.

Root Canal to Ensure Oral Health

If the problem isn’t just the tooth, but the impact also damages its pulp, there’s a high chance you can develop an infection in the wound. In this case, you will need a root canal. The root canal is a dental treatment that involves the removal of inner tissues of your tooth that are diseased or dead. This treatment is known to be very severe and painful. However, modern techniques are more effective and provide a painless experience.

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