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The dental treatment, CEREC Same-Day Crown, is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite! Not everyone has all the time in the world to go to the dental clinic and then revisit after two weeks to get their teeth restored and smile beautifully once again. People need to make a surprise public appearance and need to look their best. That’s where CEREC Same-Day Crowns come in. Walking into the dental office and walking out with your teeth fully restored is nothing short of a miracle!

One of the most known pros of the CEREC Same-Day Crown is that they help in saving time and thus are by far the most convenient option available. Below, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this popular dental treatment for the patients who choose them.


Top 5 Benefits of Using CEREC Same-Day Crowns:

1. The quickest way to restore the basic function of your teeth

People who think that teeth are only important for chewing their favorite food couldn’t be more wrong. Teeth help us pronounce words and they help us create a beautiful smile that allows us to express ourselves in public. Patients who decide to get the traditional dental crowns have to wait about 2-3 weeks to get their permanent crowns. Until then, they have to wear temporary crowns and follow a strict diet plan so that they don’t fall off. Inconvenient and irritating. You can avoid all this hassle by simply choosing CEREC Same-Day Crowns.

2. Cost-effective way to restore your teeth

People who visit their dentists know that the visitation is not cheap. Traditional crowns require multiple visitations before the completion of the treatment process. Plus, for it to be successful, the dentist needs to do CT scans and X-ray scans of your mouth. The CEREC method does not require any of these things. All it needs is the digital dental images captured by an advanced 3D camera and 4-15 minutes for the machine to create the crowns.

3. Helps in preventing injury

Patients have to wear a temporary crown. Dentists provide them so that the patient can wear them and wait while their permanent crowns are in the making. These temporary crowns cause tissue pain, an abnormal bite, tooth pain or sensitivity, and can fall off or get loose. If you choose the CEREC Same-Day Crown, however, you don’t have to go through all this pain and wait. Just visit the dental office and be on your way in about an hour or two.

4. The more satisfying experience

Temporary crowns rarely ever fit. Meaning you will feel uncomfortable every time you eat, smile, or talk. The CEREC fits your teeth and you can’t tell them apart from your natural teeth.


The Cons of CEREC Same-Day Crown:

1. Unable to capture the fracture below the gum line

The camera used to take digital dental impressions of your teeth structure does not fully capture the image if the tooth’s fracture is present below the gum line. If the problem lies below the mentioned level, the traditional crown is the better and more fitting treatment.

2. Traditional crown’s material is stronger than CEREC’s

The material CEREC machine uses to create CEREC Same-Day Crowns is ceramic, while the traditional crown designs can use porcelain, ceramic, metal, or porcelain fused with metal, which is stronger than ceramic. Dentists say that metals are very effective at bonding with human bones. Hence, traditional dental crowns are more resilient to wear and tear and fractures, making them a more durable choice.

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