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Thanks to the phrase’s popularity, everyone has heard the saying, you are what you eat. But, it’s not just a phrase, it’s a truth that people tend not to take seriously. The food we eat is broken down and consumed by our bodies, which becomes the source of our health and energy. What we eat becomes a part of our body, particularly true for our teeth and gums. You will be surprised to know how your diet can increase or decrease the number of visits you make to your dentists in Greeley. Despite brushing and flossing your teeth daily, you will find it very challenging to maintain your oral health without a healthy and balanced diet.

Eating different fruits and vegetables is a good way to ensure that appropriate nutrients are put into your body and provided to your teeth and gum to function well and maintain their health. Foods that are nutrient-rich promote dental health. All professional dentists recommend adding fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meats high in protein, minerals, and vitamins to your diet. Here’s a list of some things you should add to your diet to maintain your oral health. 

Milk, Cheese, & Yogurt

We can never leave the cheese off the list when discussing healthy and delicious food. Cheese is fairly low in sugar but high in calcium. It is a good source of casein, a type of protein that is most useful for solidifying tooth enamel. Calcium is very important for maintaining our bone density and keeping us healthy, and since cheese contains high amounts of calcium, it makes the bone structure of our mouth stronger. Cheese also contains phosphate, which helps us balance out the pH levels in our mouths to preserve the tooth enamel. Chewing cheese promotes saliva creation in our mouth, which helps fight and flush bacteria. 

Not many things fall onto our list as healthy and good for our oral health when it comes to drinks. But milk is always an exception. Every medical professional claims that milk is the best drink for our teeth. Very rich in calcium and other vital vitamins and minerals that our teeth and gums need to stay healthy. Milk also lowers the acidity of our mouth, which helps against tooth decay. Another good source of all the elements our teeth and gums requires is yogurt, which contains calcium and probiotics that protect our dental health against cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. 

Water Will Always be Good for You

Drinking water that contains fluoride is one of the best things you can add to your daily routine to help your teeth fight off cavities. When it comes to drinks, nothing is like water. It’s pure and provides only benefits to our body with 0 negatives attached. Professionals consider it by far the healthiest drink. The human body is 60% water; it’s no surprise that it wants more of it. Staying hydrated helps our body system effectively distribute nutrients, keep our skin healthy and glowing, get rid of waste, and allow our muscles to move freely. Not to forget that water that contains fluoride significantly helps our teeth to stay healthy. 

What is the risk manual?

Many vegetables are rich in nutrients and all the goodies that our body needs. But that’s not the only reason why you should be eating them. Crunchy vegetables require a lot of chewing before we can swallow. Excessive chewing helps clean out our teeth, especially if the firm food contains water. They stimulate the flow of saliva, which helps scrub away the unwanted food particles, bacteria, and plaque lingering in our mouths. 

If you are looking for a natural dental floss that you can chew and swallow, nothing comes closer than celery. The crunchy and fibrous texture of the vegetable contains minerals and nutrients that are good for our teeth and gums and make for a very effective natural teeth cleaner. 

When talking about delicious, watery, and crunchy vegetables, how can we forget carrots? Professionals say that carrots are one of the best cavity-fighting vegetables available on the market that contains a lot of vitamin C, keratins, and calcium, everything that our dental health needs. Since carrots require a lot of chewing, they are also suitable for cleaning our teeth.  

Greens are good for you, a phrase that we hated as kids since everything green tasted unpleasant. But greens really are good for our overall and oral health. These super healthy leafy greens are very rich in folic acid, calcium, and a lot of other vital minerals and vitamins that our dental health needs to protect the teeth and gums. 

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